About Me

My Editing Style

My main goal is to help you effectively tell the story you want to tell, and to leave you feeling motivated to dive into a revision. My margin notes will often contain questions aimed to help you strengthen your craft and consider how each choice ties to the heart of your story. I will always include praise for what I love and think is working well, but I also won't hold back with recommendations for improvement.

My strengths lie in character development, emotional arcs, scene work, heightening stakes, and tightening pacing. I love taking a collaborative approach to edits, and to that end I always welcome follow-up emails if you need clarification on any of my notes.

Small-scale critiques will be delivered within a week, and expected delivery for manuscript critiques is 2-3 weeks.


From 2014-2017, I volunteered as a mentor for Pitch Wars. During this time I provided feedback on dozens of queries and partial manuscripts, and mentored four writers on their full manuscripts—all of whom signed with literary agents shortly after the contest and have gone on to get book deals. 

I have also worked as a publication specialist for a law firm, proofreading and copyediting notices of sale for print.

My debut young adult novel, THE YEAR WE FELL APART, was published by Simon & Schuster.