Services & Pricing

Whether you're unsure where to begin on a revision or have revised so many times you can no longer see the forest through the trees, I offer a range of supportive and thorough critique packages to suit your needs.

I work with all genres across YA. In Adult, I am open to romance, contemporary fiction, women's fiction, and fantasy. 

Manuscript Critiques

Developmental Edit Letter

This critique focuses on big-picture, developmental issues. I'll read your full manuscript and deliver an edit letter (typically 3-5 pages) that offers feedback on story elements such as character arcs, plot, structure, pacing, world building, and theme. This service does not include line edits. $0.008/word

Full Manuscript Critique

If you're ready to dive into a deeper revision, this service includes a developmental edit letter as well as line edits (in-text comments and tracked changes in the document). This is my favorite kind of critique, because I love using margin notes to offer additional context to some of the more nuanced suggestions made in the edit letter, so you can see where and how problems are coming into play on a scene level. $0.01/word

Line Edit Only

This service includes margin notes (and I tend to make a lot of them!) along with light proofreading. I'll include my real-time reactions and point out anything that might pull a reader out of the story. This is a great option if you've already been through a round or two of big-picture edits and are now looking to slash word count or dig into word choice, voice, character motivations, transitions, etc. to really make your manuscript shine. $0.009/word

Partial Manuscript Critique

Perfect if you're looking to focus the feedback on a certain number of pages (first 50, first 100, etc.). Line edits only: $0.009/word. Edit letter + line edits: $0.01/word

Small-Scale Critiques

Query Edit

A nitty-gritty line edit of your query plus 1-3 paragraphs of overall feedback. $25 for one round of edits, $40 for two rounds of edits

First Chapter Critique

A thorough critique of your first chapter. Includes line edits and in-text comments, plus one page of feedback on the chapter's overall strengths and areas for improvement. $30 for up to 10 pages

Submission Package

A critique of your query letter, 2-page synopsis, and 10 sample pages. You will receive line edits and detailed comments across all materials. $80


I accept payment through PayPal, and I ask that you pay upfront.

If you are considering booking a Full Manuscript Critique, I offer a free 3-page sample critique so you can get a sense of my editorial style and ensure it's a good fit for your project prior to booking.

Referrals and returning clients will receive a 10% discount on services.

If you have questions or would like to book a service, email me at or fill out the contact form. I look forward to working with you!