Emily’s critical eye and her razor-sharp instincts have helped make my manuscripts so much stronger. From both a big picture thematic perspective and on a line edit level, she is able to effectively highlight strengths and identify weaknesses. Her creativity, writing savvy, and collaborative approach make her exactly the kind of force your book needs to get to the next level.
— Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of FIRSTS and LAST GIRL LIED TO
I worked with Emily for three months revising my novel during Pitch Wars 2017. With her guidance, I was able to identify the heart of my story and revise in such a way that never compromised that heart—but, in fact, made the story stronger and more focused on the central themes. I can’t say enough how wonderful Emily is as an editor. She really “got” the core of my book, and cared so passionately about helping me achieve my vision for it. By the time I was working with Emily, I’d revised my book so many times that I couldn’t think of what else I needed to change—I just knew that it wasn’t in its best possible shape yet. Emily was able to pinpoint exactly what had to be fixed. And it was thanks in no small part to Emily’s guidance (both with revising the book and with my query letter) that I was able to sign with my literary agents so quickly after Pitch Wars ended. My book also sold to a publisher very quickly, partly because it was already in good shape from Emily’s editing. I’m extremely grateful to Emily for her help, and would highly, highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an editor.
— Victoria Lee, author of THE FEVER KING
Emily is not only a great writer, but she has a phenomenal eye for stories in general. She helped me polish my debut, WHEN THE TRUTH UNRAVELS (Jan. 2019, Sky Pony), until it shone. She gives insightful feedback, both on specific passages and overall structure. I know I can rely on her to talk through any plot or characterization issue—she identifies problems and she helps me to see my story in the best possible light. I’d recommend her to any writer looking for an editor!
— RuthAnne Snow, author of WHEN THE TRUTH UNRAVELS
I’ve been lucky enough to work with Emily since 2016, when she picked me as her Pitch Wars mentee. Since then, she’s helped me with multiple projects—pitches, query letters, and full manuscript edits. Emily has the uncanny ability of pinpointing weak areas in my storytelling (from big picture plot to thematic to the small stuff) and offering solutions that don’t compromise the heart of the story. Rather, her suggestions elevate the plot to another level. Writing a first draft is often a solitary endeavor, but revising that draft takes a village full of people you can trust. I’m so very thankful to have a critique partner that I see eye-to-eye, and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Emily’s editorial services!
— Amelia Diane Coombs, author of BIGMOUTH STRIKES AGAIN